We offer a full range of accountancy and tax services. Take a look at our full list of services or if you need further information please get in touch.

core services

personal tax returns

For the sole trader, landlord, director, investor or any type of “one off” personal tax return. Do you have an outstanding return? Don’t bury your head in the sand – get it sorted. Contact us today to discuss how we can get the ball rolling.

company tax returns

Direct from the production of statutory accounts we are then able to produce the tax return required by HMRC and calculate any corporation tax liability – or, if you have made a loss, any corporation tax reclaimed or carried forward. Beyond the HMRC requirements we embody specific tax planning services with your company affairs to identify all possible methods of reducing potential liabilities.

partnership tax returns

If you’re in a partnership you will have to complete a yearly partnership tax return along with your personal tax return.

vat returns

VAT is probably the most ubiquitous tax and yet is easily one of the most complex – you need to make sure that you have your affairs in order. From knowing when you have to register and when to start charging VAT, to knowing what scheme to choose and which items are VAT applicable and at what rate – we can provide you with up to date professional advice and compliance services.

accounts production

The bread and butter of our operations and yet we have found that many people don’t always understand a set of financial accounts. Whatever your knowledge, simply give us the information and we will, after consulting with you regarding your needs, provide you with a set of financial statements YOU can understand.


We can arrange a monthly or quarterly time to collect your accounts information, organise and sort them, and then produce a set of periodical accounts from them. This service will give you a continuous insight into the financial health of your business.


Our payroll services go beyond giving you weekly or monthly payslips and filing the year end returns (P35, P11D, P14 etc). We have a wealth of experience in guiding new employers who are tentative in taking on staff. We can give you hand holding advice in regards to everything you need to stay compliant and within the law and where to get further advice if necessary. As standard we will tell you how much is owed to HMRC in PAYE taxes every month as well as informing you of the methods of payment and helping to set up payment structures with HMRC.

CIS Returns

If verifying subcontractors and then doing monthly returns is a chore for you we can easily handle this service. Not only will we do the basics but we will advise you, in as simple terms as you need, on compliance and the minefield legisation that is IR35.

Business Start-Ups

Thinking about starting your own business? Should you be self-employed or limited company? How do you even register for either of these options? Which option provides the best tax scenario? Which option has the right legal structure to suit your line of work? We can advise on all these matters and more.

Company Secretarial

Limited company returns are not just confined to a set of accounts and a tax return – we will submit all of the relevant companies house returns for you ensuring that such returns are both on time and compliant.

Company Incorporation

We can ensure that your company is incorporated fast and effectively. Once done, we will send you all of the incorporation documents such as the company incorporation certificate, memorandum of association, share certificates, minutes of board meeting etc. Our system also allows Barclays Bank PLC to speedily set up a company bank account at a branch that is local to you if you chose to select Barclays as your business bank account provider.

value added services

Tax Planning

To be frank – the process of ensuring that we analyse your circumstances and advise on the most tax efficient scenarios is a core service that transcends all other services. Why have we included it here? Because it is a cultural approach that we need to highlight and repeat time and time again – to add value in our services we need to go beyond the “end of year” typcial accountant approach.

Sage Training

We are able to provide either hand holding sage training for those who are new to sage (or even other bookkeeping packages) or we can offer insights to help improve even those who are seasoned pro’s!

Succession and Exit Planning

Have you been in business for several years? How much thought have you given to your exit strategy? We can have periodic reviews of your situation to advise on matters such as tax planning opportunities, cashflow management and legal structure arrangement, as well as the potential for finding a buyer for any eventual business sale – all based on your individual circumstances.