Changing Accountant

Switching your accountant, much the same as switching your gas and electricity supplier, can feel like a stressful task that you want to avoid even when you’re not fully satisfied with the services you’re getting. Sometimes people just want to avoid those awkward “goodbyes” and think that they have to endure this when changing accountants. This is not the case!

If you feel that you are being neglected by your accountant, feel like you are taken for granted and treated like another client number or that your accountancy and tax needs are simply not being met then please do read this small section showing you how easy and hassle free changing your accountancy and tax provider can be.

Step 1 – Contact Us

WE will then contact your old accountant and explain that you are moving your business to us. If required we can also draft a similar letter to your old accountant ready for you to sign. Contact us or simply request a callback here.

Step 2 – Collection of your accounting records

WE will arrange this with your old accountant with no input required from you.

Step 3 – Informing HMRC of the change in agent

WE will arrange this with HMRC and usually require nothing more than a signature from you.

So, really, all you need to do is get in touch with us, explain your situation and we then arrange everything else.

There are of course many good accountancy firms out there but, because literally anyone can set up shop as an accountant there are also many shoddy one’s too. People move accountants for many different reasons. Whatever yours may be our aim is to provide all clients with the same level of support, professionalism and peace of mind – regardless of the size of the client.

We hope that the testimonials we have received so far are an example of this ethos.